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Time intelligence

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Horasphere part in welcoming 73 million passengers in Canada and abroad

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Health care

Strategies and support for employee schedules optimization in health care sector

Industrial sector

Horasphere simplifies the management of dozens of complex collective agreements

Time intelligence
Health care
Industrial sector

Demand forecasting

Demand Forecasting module predicts the number of employees to plan at the right time, at the right place. This planning can be done for every 15 minutes increment, for every task of your organization.

Scheduling and management

Automated planning creates work optimized schedules for staff, while respecting company policies and effective work rules.

Time and attendance

Management of time and attendance provides optimum control and a precise validation of hours worked. It also enables to control production and maintenance by giving you robust datas.


Multiple sources of hourly rates as well as flexible settings for calculating timesheets give you full control over employees' remuneration. Gross earnings can be forwarded to your payroll solution.

Employee portal

The employee portal facilitates communication between employers and employees. These have access to much more information and have the opportunity to make requests for vacation, days off or shift trade.

Business intelligence

Le module d'informations, la génération de rapports précis et détaillés ainsi que l'accès en temps réel à l'information s'avèrent des outils indispensables à la prise de décisions.

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